The OSMOGAIA home water purifier

Quality made in Italy in every drop of water dispensed.
Still or sparkling, your thirst, your choice!

Linea Osmogaia

Osmogaia Platon

Simple, pure, and crystal clear! Purified still water perfect for every need and accessible to all.

Osmogaia Platon Fizz

Smooth or sparkling water? Change the rhythm whenever you want and maintain purity. You choose what to drink…

Osmogaia Neptun

Fill and set the table! Cold still and sparkling water on direct fill.

The OSMOGAIA home water purifier

Our Osmogaia water purifiers are advanced reverse osmosis systems designed for the treatment of drinking water. Their design is tailored to fit under-sink cabinets or drawers in any kitchen, with a slim profile that allows easy installation even beneath the kitchen plinth, preserving valuable under-sink space. By harnessing only the water pressure and the reverse osmosis principle, Osmogaia purifiers effectively remove a wide range of undesirable substances, including heavy metals, additives, and limescale, producing highly pleasant-tasting oligomineral water with low total dissolved solids and low sodium content. The external casing of the equipment is made of powder-coated galvanized sheet metal, and it operates on a direct production basis, eliminating the need for any storage tank. The direct production cycle ensures a continuous flow of fresh, abundant water – excellent for drinking and cooking, safe, and hygienically perfect. All models in our prestigious line of reverse osmosis purifiers are constructed and designed in accordance with the current regulations of the Ministry of Health and feature components certified by the industry’s best quality brands. Choosing Osmogaia today means entrusting a significant part of your well-being to a leading brand in water purification systems.

Minimo ingombro, massime prestazioni


Osmotic membranes

Permeated flow rate

electrical absorption

Maximum abatement

Maximum recovery rate

Choosing the perfect water purifier for your needs

Smooth or sparkling water? Decide with Osmogaia

Osmogaia reverse osmosis filtration systems cater to the needs of every family. At Sourcing Italia, we’ve taken into consideration all requirements, balancing the lightness of water produced by the reverse osmosis process with the liveliness of sparkling water. By expanding our product range, you can also opt for producing cold and sparkling water of exceptional quality, straight from the tap to your table, without occupying valuable refrigerator space.

Advantages of water purification through reverse osmosis

Why Choose Reverse Osmosis for Drinking Water?

The reverse osmosis filtration of Osmogaia Platon can boast unique performance: 90 Lt/h of permeate (that is the treated water) with 98% reduction of contaminants. Considering that a family of four consumes between 3 and 6 cases of water per week, with Osmogaia the financial savings compared to the purchase of water bottles is evident.


Osmogaia Platon is presented with a clean and essential design: the outer casing is in galvanized sheet metal, powder coated. Our purifier is direct production, and does not require any storage tank, presenting a slim line perfect for any type of environment. All Osmogaia models are designed and built according to the current regulations of the Ministry of Health and boast the best components certified by the best brands in the industry.

Reduction capability

Reduction of pollutants and harmful chemical agents


With Osmogaia products, water is purified up to 98% from the main chemical agents that can contaminate tap water in your home. The water is filtered into infinitesimal parts of 0.0001 micron. The result is water without pollutants, with optimal qualities of lightness and pleasantness.


The removal of contaminants also affects the drinkability of water. The direct production cycle ensures a consistently fresh and ample flow. Reverse osmosis water is excellent for drinking and cooking, safe, and hygienically perfect.
Arsenico (As)
Bario (Ba)
Cadmio (Cd)
Piombo (Pb)
Cromo (Cr)
Fluoro (F)
Mercurio (Hg)
Nitrati (No3)
Solv. Clorurati
Res. fisso a 180°

Frequently asked questions about reverse osmosis and water purifiers

In reverse osmosis, water (the solvent) moves from an area of higher solute concentration to an area of lower concentration. Water is subjected to higher pressure than the feedwater, and filtration occurs due to the pressure difference through which water is forced through the microscopic pores of the osmotic membrane, while larger particles are retained.
The reverse osmosis purification system consists of sediment filters, activated carbon filters, and an osmotic membrane.
In a reverse osmosis system, it is advisable to change the activated carbon filters every six months, while the osmotic membrane can be replaced every three to four years.
Modern reverse osmosis purification systems are equipped with a bypass valve that reintroduces some of the water during the osmosis process to achieve the best mineral salt balance in the water.
Water treated with a reverse osmosis purification system is safe, light, pleasant, and hygienically perfect. Furthermore, some of the minerals that would be removed by the osmotic membrane are reintroduced through the bypass valve.

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