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Domestic water treatment systems

Water is a central element for human life. With this conviction, Sourcing Italia is committed to providing its customers with tap water that possesses optimal sensory properties and is hygienically perfect. Using treated tap water instead of bottled water offers significant benefits for a family. The economic savings are substantial, considering that bottled water can cost up to 2000 times more than tap water. Additionally, domestic water is available on demand, fresh, controlled, and, thanks to treatment systems, will have a pleasant taste and odor.

Consistently pure and fresh water for the hospitality sector

Operating in the hospitality sector demands special attention and care for every detail. Your guests will appreciate the fresh and safe dispensing from Sourcing’s frigogasators, leading to significant cost savings for the establishment compared to bottled water consumption. With Sourcing Italia’s frigogasators, the water is pleasant to the taste and smell, offering excellent sensory properties and perfect hygiene characteristics.

Water solutions for the catering industry

Opting for on-tap water from Sourcing Italia’s frigogasators provides a real economic advantage in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector. You can offer your restaurant patrons safe water that doesn’t sit stagnant in bottles for months or years, free from microplastics found in 93% of bottled water. Additionally, you’ll be making a sustainable choice, reducing plastic consumption, which is a leading cause of terrestrial pollution. The water you provide for your customers will always be fresh, pleasant, and of perfect sensory quality.

Design frigogasators for your bar

Sourcing Italia’s line of frigogasators doesn’t only save on water costs and offer your bar’s patrons consistently fresh and hygienically perfect water. We pay attention to every detail, so our refined and modern design frigogasators will enrich your bar’s ambiance. We understand how image matters in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

Frigogasators for offices

Proper hydration leads to greater concentration even in the workplace. For environments like offices, receptions, professional studios, and more, Sourcing’s line of frigogasators offers an ecological and cost-effective solution to provide high-quality, consistently fresh, and pleasant water for your team of professionals and clients visiting your offices. Making a sustainable choice for your business can make a difference: in Italy, 12 billion liters of water are bottled each year, producing 7 billion plastic bottles requiring 456 million liters of oil, resulting in 1.2 million tons of CO2 emissions into the environment. Eliminating plastic use in the workplace not only signifies a healthy and economical choice but also respects and preserves the environment.

Rapid water supply for cafeterias

Sourcing Italia’s line of frigogasators can meet high water demand in a short time. They’re perfect for crowded cafeterias where using plastic bottles might lead to time wastage, expense, and pollution. Opting for Sourcing’s frigogasators allows you to offer fresh, still, or sparkling water with a pleasant taste and neutral odor.

Always fresh water to welcome your clients

Whether it’s a medical practice, a hotel reception, or the waiting room of your professional studio, offering fresh and safe water to clients and patients immediately puts everyone at ease. Water is a fundamental and central element in human life, and offering a glass of water is a gesture of responsibility and care that elevates the level of service you provide.

Water dispensers for gyms

For those dedicated to physical activity, ensuring proper daily water intake is indispensable. That’s why Sourcing offers various frigogasator solutions with simple and fast installation to provide trainers and athletes in your gym with truly pleasant and fresh water, possessing optimal sensory properties. Water quality is indeed crucial for those caring for their bodies: a study by Ord Media (a non-profit organization in Washington) highlighted that microplastics are present in 93% of bottled water.

Drinking water solutions for schools

Sourcing Italia responsibly handles water treatment for educational facilities. Remember that a child’s body is composed of approximately 85% water. With Sourcing’s systems, tap water will always be safe and pleasant to drink. Furthermore, Sourcing provides quality water dispensing solutions for schools through its line of frigogasators. Water is a central element in the lives of the youngest: not just for its essential hydrating properties, but also because proper water management will allow the new generations to live in a better and less polluted world.

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