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Water treatment system installation

If you’ve purchased a water treatment system, Sourcing can provide you with a fast and efficient installation service. Our qualified experts will swiftly make your water treatment system operational. While we focus on installing our systems, we also work on third-party installations with professionalism and precision, ensuring the best service in terms of safety and reliability. Our philosophy centers around safeguarding water as a primary asset and placing it at the heart of every family’s daily life. Thus, we always stand at the forefront, helping families make economical, ecological, and healthy choices.

Our comprehensive services. We are water experts and professionals who can resolve any issue simply, quickly, and safely. Here are some of our services:

Water analysis

Free physical water measurement. Option for bacteriological analysis through affiliated labs.

Turnkey packages

Customized and worry-free maintenance programs tailored to your needs.

Custom design

From a preliminary analysis, we can create treatment modules suitable for your requirements.

Dedicated CRM

Customer management through dedicated software for customer relations, ticket analysis, and fault monitoring.

Reverse osmosis purifier maintenance

Water purification systems embody cutting-edge technology, ensuring water with ideal organoleptic properties and hygienic perfection. To ensure proper system operation over the years, correct maintenance is essential, a task that Sourcing performs with expertise. Maintenance is crucial to ensure the flawless operation of the system and exponentially extend the lifespan of the purification system. Maintenance primarily involves the osmotic membrane, which should be replaced every three to four years, as well as active carbon filters that are replaced approximately every six months. Through maintenance, you’ll have the assurance of drinking pure and stable water over time, while also prolonging the life of your system. The operational team at Sourcing, composed of specialized and continually updated professionals, can carry out this operation quickly, guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of the reverse osmosis purification system.

Free tap water analysis

If you want precise information about the quality of your household water, Sourcing can perform a free physical analysis of your tap water. We conduct tests that comply with all current regulations and monitor physical parameters to detect the presence of nitrates, sulfates, chlorides, as well as the presence of calcium that affects water hardness. Furthermore, Sourcing collaborates with a lab that can perform bacteriological analysis on both tap water and well water. Thanks to these certified and secure tests, you can gain a clearer understanding of your household water situation and comprehend the utility of installing a water treatment system to purify drinking water or make tap water lighter and free from calcium.

Sanitization of water systems with certified chemicals

For proper maintenance and system hygiene, periodic sanitization of dispensers and water systems is essential. Sourcing only uses chemicals that adhere to all hygiene and health regulations in the industry, ensuring perfect hygiene and preventing the formation of bacteria and viruses that can proliferate in damp environments. Our team of specialized professionals will safely and swiftly carry out sanitization for both residential and commercial environments, such as workplaces, restaurants, schools, and gyms.

Some of our services

Water decontamination

Solutions with chlorine dosing, UV treatment, ozone treatment.

Maintenance and replacement parts

If you can't reach your previous company, we have the replacement parts.

Resin replacement

Free on-site estimate for changing the resins in your old softener.

Free consultation

Our representatives are continually trained to avoid improvisation.

Water refrigeration

Refrigeration for, bakeries for baking, cold water for industry.

System sanitization

Certified chemical products for sanitizing dispensers and systems.

Third-Party installations

If you've purchased a system, you'll need a professional in the field.

Centralized desalination

Desalination of brackish water for civilian, commercial, and industrial use.

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